2. MEN

Stripe Tees are a certified staple in Summer.
From classic patterns to new makeover designs
we are sure you have at least one in your wardrobe.

Stripes are always in style.
At nest Robe we are committed on finding ways in
our mission for zero-waste production.

This year our "Summer with Stripes" series is one of them.

A unique multi-stripe pattern,
our solution to reduce waste by garnishing a product
created from scrap out fabrics from the base
of two colors of our original t-shirt production.

Wear with outdoor utility cargo bottoms from CONFECT
to bring out your adventurous spirit.

 Cotton Stripe Wide-Body T-shirt
 Linen Gauze Draped Shawl Long Cardigan
 Cotton Linen Weather Cloth Cargo Shorts(CONFECT)

A traditional basic stripe pattern tee, in neutral black and white.
Made from 100% premium quality Giza Cotton.

Pair with clean white laced vest and pants
to achieve an effortless lux look.

 Cotton Stripe Wide-Body T-shirt
 Linen Lace Bustier<Scheduled to release in end-May>
 Linen Cotton Lace Easy-fit Drawers Pants

Refresh your early summer days with bright colored stripes.
This natural cotton tee has exceptional soft and smooth texture.

Wear it with skirt and dress for an elegant attire.

 Cotton Stripe Wide-Body T-shirt
 Yarn Dyed Hemp Two-way Voluminous Sleeves Dress
 Skirt<Scheduled to release in end-May>
 Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather Long D-Ring Belt(CONFECT)

A new challenge, go oversize with our men's stripe t-shirt
for loose street style paired with our cargo pants.

Upgrade the style with little touch of lace and ruffles.

 Cotton Linen Multi-Stripe Wide-fit Tee(CONFECT)
 Natural Dyed Ramie Two-way Jellyfish Ruffled Sleeve Pullover Blouse
 Linen Cotton Lace Detachable Collar-Style Capelet
 Cotton Linen Omi-zarashi Cocoon Cargo Pants


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