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A new season has officially arrived
meaning it’s time for a refreshing autumn walk
and enjoy the sight of falling leaves.
This is the season you want to wear your favorite clothes,
and bask in the delightful outdoor temperatures.

Introducing our latest additions to the BLACK LINEN SERIES.
Pieces you'll want to wrap yourself in comfort
and wear day in and day out.

Natural fabrics designed in an oversized silhouette
that strike the perfect balance between comfort and style.
An-eye catching blouse adorned with charming ruffled collar
and playful cocoon-shaped salopette pants.

Effortlessly layer up with our recommended cozy wool jersey
or handknitted cardigans when the temperature starts to drop.

Let's welcome this autumn's arrival with open arms
and a fresh, new wardrobe.

 Black Linen Cocoon Salopette Pants

 Black Linen Ruffle Collar Blouse

 [UpcycleLino BASIC] Cotton Linen Jersey Wide-Body Turtleneck Pullover

 Wool Jersey V-Neck Cardigan

 Black Linen Ruffle Collar Blouse

 Peruvian Wool Handknitted Cable Stitch Cardigan

 Black Linen Boxy Jumper Dress

 Cotton Ribbed Long-Sleeve Pullover Tops



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