2. MEN


A new addition to our genderless line of UpcycleLino Basic,
an oversized t-shirt with sportwear uniform inspired design.

A step forward to our zero-waste journey.
From our original sustainable UpcycleLino fabric which
is made by using leftover linen scraps from our garment
production and blending it with eco-friendly cotton.

This upcycled fabric has irregular surface texture from short
and uneven linen scrap fibers giving a vintage accent to the garment.

Locally produced in Japan which is only possible with
our textile manufacturing partners’ exceptional craftsmanship.

UpcycleLino BASIC

Designs influenced from American football jerseys.
Front chest shift stitch design, cropped sleeves and wide-boy silhouette.
Words “CHIPS”&”DOVER” printed instead of uniform number on front
as a play to England's iconic food and must go destination.

Top Gray is made from colored and patterned recycled fabric scraps
therefore, creating a unique mélange color and textured nep
which cannot be recreated.

(UpcycleLino BASIC)
“CHIPS”&”DOVER” Wide Body T-Shirt
color : Off White, Top Gray
size : 1, 2


Enjoy our timeless gender-neutral outfits ideas
from UpcycleLino Basic series in Top gray and Off White.

Worn by our female model (155 cm, 5'1) in size 1,
and male model (179 cm, 5'10”) in size 2.

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Available in size 1 and size 2.

Major differences in two sizes are in
neck-to-sleeve length and body length.