2. MEN

As autumn approaches, heart leaps with joy
and there is a sense of excitement in the air.

Embracing autumn's arrival, we gather
our choice of light outerwear that
can swiftly be put on when the
temperature drops unexpectedly.

Presenting five light outers that plays with
this season’s mischievous charm of ‘Impish Trad’ theme.
From cropped silhouette, ruffle designs, classic twill,
warm wool, and mood boosting color, to bring
the sense of coziness brought about by our
signature natural textures into your outfits.

Let's savor the slow transition of the seasons.

 (UpcycleLino) Brushed Linen Cotton Cropped Outdoor Jacket

 Linen Omi-zarashi Frilled Tunic Blouse

 Cotton Linen Ishime Cocoon Cargo Pants

 Wool Silk Color Block Arm Warmer

 Heavy Linen × Gauze Ruffled Hem Short Jacket

 Natural Dyed Linen Ruffle Smock Dress

 Linen Patchwork Print Gathered Skirt

 Lambswool Loop Knit Scarf

 Valencia Leather Drawstring Bag

 Cotton Linen Ramie Light Jacket

 Cotton Linen Ramie Pleated Wide-Leg Pants

 Linen Cotton Lace Omi-Zarashi Smock Blouse

 Wool Silk Color Block Arm Warmer

 Wool Cotton Hooded Shawl Vest

 (UpcycleLino) Cotton Linen 'IMPISH' Print Sweatshirt

 Cotton Ramie Diamond Quilted Skirt (coming soon)

 Wool Ribbed Socks

 Cotton Heavy Twill Plaid Shirt Jacket

 (UpcycleLino) Linen Cotton Gathered Tiered Dress

 Lambswool Hooded Knit Scarf


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