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- Online Exclusive Offer -

Original picnic mat in upcycled crepe paper.

Get this picnic mat with purchase over JPY 27,500!

*This offer will end as soon as the mats run out.
*Colors are picked at random.
*Color varies slightly each and recycled paper may have ink remained on the surface.

This picnic mat is called "crep" and is made of recycled crepe paper used to wrap the industrial electrical wires. Sanyo Paper Co., Ltd., a Japanese paper manufacturer making high quality paper products and paper related materials with sustainable and recyclable resources, is the one to create this recycled paper "crep". It is highly functional and durable recycled paper.
(Mat size: 90cm x 135cm)

Lightweight, water resistant and easy to be folded.

*Please keep away from open fire or heat when in use.