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Embracing the concept of "SLOW MADE IN JAPAN," our product lifecycle takes on a captivating journey across Japan, harnessing the expertise of local regions in the country's textile industry. This includes the utilization of various techniques such as Omi-zarashi, a traditional fabric bleaching method from Shiga; Nigata's exceptional brushing techniques; Bishu's skilled wool weaving; Kyoto's intricate linen weaving; and the exquisite dyeing methods of Okayama, just to name a few.

In addition to our own factories with roots that can be traced back in 1950 in Mie prefecture, we have maintained long-standing partnerships with local textile manufacturers across Japan, valuing their expertise and ensuring the highest quality standards. We often employ traditional, time-consuming techniques to achieve exceptional craftsmanship, adding a unique touch to our creations.

We are thrilled to serve as a bridge between you and Japan, united in our pursuit of a more environmentally friendly and responsible fashion industry. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future, through the choice of our carefully crafted products, slow made in Japan.



Slow made in Japan for Men


In every clothing made there will always be left over waste when cutting fabrics from garment production.

Driven by our dedication to sustainable circular fashion and our determination to minimize waste in every aspect of our manufacturing process, we have developed a unique upcycled yarn called UpcycleLino. This innovative yarn is crafted from our own linen fabric scraps, combined with organic virgin cotton fibers, resulting in a remarkable upcycled linen-cotton blend.

We then take this upcycled yarn and transform it into exquisite fabrics, breathing new life into the textile industry. Even after the creation of these upcycled garments, we continue to uphold our mission of a “Full upcycle ZERO Waste production " by utilizing the remaining fabric waste to craft upcycled hangers.

This challenging and sophisticated process of weaving waste fabrics could only be achieved by our expert craftsmanship and our local partners in Japan, with their life-long history in honing their skills in manufacturing.

With UpcycleLino, we are revolutionizing sustainable fashion, demonstrating that style and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. By embracing our upcycled yarns and fabrics, you become a part of our mission to create a more sustainable and circular fashion industry.

UpcycleLino is a statement that truly sustainable goods and quality products are achieved through a slow and thoughtful process.

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