2. MEN

Our newest lineup to the popular
“UpcycleLino DENIM & CHINO” Series.

This time we are releasing a jumper skirt!

Retaining the essence of nest Robe’s likeness
with the signature wide body and flare silhouette.
Features an adjustable shoulder strap
with metal slider and tack buttons, adding
a charming vintage-like touch to the skirt.

Slow made from a century old fabric house
in Okayama, Japan.
This jumper skirt is sure to be a staple
in your closet reflecting your appreciation
for sustainable and timeless fashion choices.

“WEAR with ME” is a tool to explore
the allure of this all-natural jumper skirt
and to help you discover how to incorporate
it into your wardrobe.
From pairing with classic stripes to light layering
and bright vibrant colors,
we'll show you endless possibilities to create
stylish outfits that is sure to gain compliments.

\ Please pick one!! /